Edith Kimberly Doyle


Kim was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up Kim lived in a semi-truck with her mom until it was time to go to school and Kim and her family moved to Michigan. When Kim was 11 years old her mother Lisa passed away and Kim went and lived with her father in Aurora, Colorado. Kim stayed there until her senior year when she returned back to Kansas City to finish her senior year and get ready to go to college at the University of Central Missouri. Kim currently is still enrolled in UCM just online so she can be closer to her dad in Denver. After college Kim plans to go to the service to finish her eduacation and start her career. 

Kim enjoys the outdoors, traveling, scrapbooking, and spending as much time with Jeff as possible.

Jeffrey Lee Osterkamp

 Jeff was born in Kansas City Missouri, where he graduated from Kearney High School. After he graduated Jeff attended KU. Jeff enjoys playing the saxaphone, playing XBOX with his friends, traveling, and tormenting Kim as much as possible! ;)

How we met!

 Jeff was passing through town getting back from a job and was hungry and pulled off saw an Applebees and pulled in. Kim was living with 7 roomates and needed a break so she got out of the house and went to dinner. She sat down ordered when suddenly Jeff introduced himself and the rest was over from there..

Thanks Applebees!!

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